Startup Scouting, Better.

GlassDollar assists you in finding and choosing the very best startups to work with.
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How We Do It

Deep Scouting

We analyze more sources and
 data points than anyone in the industry,
 including unprecedented amounts of first-party data.

Trajectory Analysis

We collect data about millions of start-ups over time so we show you growth and innovation metrics no one else is looking at.

Scouting With A System

Clean and structured processes guarantee you consistently get speedy, high-quality results.

The Reliable Partner You Need

No more endless crunching and cleaning Excel sheets.
We deliver startup shortlists you can forward and support you throughout the execution of the pilot.


We jointly define the use-case
 and data points to collect.


We present you with 
the best startups ranked by fit.


You choose. 

We support during the pilot.

The Most Comprehensive
Scouting Engine

We don't settle for easily accessible data. GlassDollar collects unprecedented amounts of 1st party data from founders around the world, while our bots constantly track millions of companies online. This combination gives you access to the widest selection of companies for your use-case.

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