Good startups don't need to chase investors.
Let them discover you.

Exposure to all the top investors

We built relationships with all the top investors, so you can just spend time with the ones that are interested in you.

Save time to invest in your product

Don't waste your time chasing investors, focus on your product. We will make sure investors see you when you meet their criteria.

Stay in control, it is your story

We are not paid by investors. We are here to enable you. You choose the investors that can view your startup info.

How it works



Create a profile in less than 3 minutes

Afterwards we verify the information via email or call.


We match you with potential investors

We match your info against the criteria and focus of investors in our network.


Choose the investors you like & the info we share with them.

You choose the investors that get to have a look at your startup. You have full control over the information investors get to see.


We share your startup with investors you chose


Then intro investors via mail & report back to you


We propose new investors continuously

Spend more time on your product and be found by investors.

We supply world-changers with the gear they need

Let investors discover you.