The tech and data to gear up your innovation management

Run more and higher quality PoCS.

Better projects, simpler processes, more impact

Source, manage, and succesfully scale startup collaborations within your organization with a simple intuitive solution.
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Identify & prioritize new innovation opportunities

Share our innovation project catalogue or your problem briefing form with relevant stakeholders to source projects. Understand risk, estimate impact and select the project you'll run.

Source and compare the startup solutions that best suit your brief

Browse, compare and choose startup solutions with confidence. GlassDollar startup profiles include cost of PoC, customer references, product features and other proprietary granular insights.

Project portfolio management designed for startup partnerships

From problem briefing to purchase order and beyond, manage your projects and partners in the perfect kanban view you've been missing. Smart project notifications keep your stakeholders informed of project advancement and workflow automations speed-up your operations.

Real business impact, quantified

Quantify the value provided by the projects you support. GlassDollar's industry-leading impact tracking methodology, embedded in the software, ensures impact is estimated, measured and communicated before, during and after each project.

The end-to-end innovation management software to run and scale corporate adoption of new technologies.