Hiring: Lead Data Engineer

About GlassDollar

GlassDollar helps corporations integrate cutting-edge startup products into their value-chain.
Enabled by Europe's leading startup database, we collect and analyze millions of data-points about startups every day and we use that data to recommend our customers, like Daimler, Porsche & Miele, the best startups to work with.

Why? As a team, we want to change the way people perceive work. We envision a world in which humans are free to search for an impact they want to make, to find purpose, instead of a job to pay the bills. A world so free that humans can choose missions to undertake, instead of a title to add to their CV. For now, we make this a reality by enabling startup founders to get their first customers with whom to validate their business model and pay the bills.

About the position

We are looking for the (co-)architect of our data engine. That engine finds & tracks millions of companies (by collecting performance signals) and a query-engine and NLP setup that can help us to quickly highlight the best fit for a given pilot project of a corporate partner. 

Role & Responsibilities

With you, the data and product teams, you will be:
💪 Developing the roadmap of our data-engine
💪  Mining the websites of 10-thousands of B2B-startup websites for mentions of corporate partners. This includes finding names in text, analyzing and comparing logos and building everything so that it can be tracked over time.
💪  Building a “scoring” algorithm that evaluates the fit between a company and a given opportunity (i.e. a pilot with a corporate) and adjusts this score with increasing amounts of data about the company in a Bayesian fashion
💪 Providing the data for a related secret project that Angela Merkel and all of Germany will see. Excited to tell you more in our first call
💪  Apply NLP for corp-startup-use-case-matchmaking

Tech stack:
Python3, Airflow, PostgreSQL, Django (app), Selenium.
(You’ll naturally take part in deciding how this develops)

✅have at least 2+ years of practical Data Science & especially Data Engineering experience
✅are very advanced in Python
✅have used big data tech like Hadoop, Spark, or similar.Experience with (but at least heard of) Apache Airflow
✅worked with: SQL, Document DBs & other NoSQLSome AWS and/or GCP experience. Maybe you’ve used SageMaker before, or the Data Pipelines they offer.
✅are knowledgable of different deployment options: I.e. I.e. perhaps you’ve dockerized and deployed some heavy scripts to ECS or similar. 
✅have experience with web-scraping/crawling and NLP
✅speak English and are hyper-ambitious and ready to push limits


Every team member at GlassDollar holds equity. This senior position includes a sizeable package.
We will additionally agree on a salary that enables a comfortable life.
Option to escape the Berlin cold @ the GD Winter Headquarters.

Sounds like you?

Reach out to tobias@glassdollar.com with your LinkedIn and Github (or any work you can share).
No CV required.