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The problem: Fundraising always takes longer than expected

Lets face it. You do this the 1st or 2nd time. Guides designed for the Valley don’t work in Europe and often you'll get conflicting advice from your peers. As a result we have seen too many founders waste months talking to the wrong investors, eventually turning towards "spray & pray".

Don't repeat their mistakes, get a head-start with our fundraising kit.
The most complete angel list in DACH

Including the investment criteria, industry and location of more than 400 business angels.

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Perfect pitch mail, deck and standard contracts

Fundraise like a serial-entrepreneur with our cold mail template, pitch deck template and standard convertible note.

Perfect investor pitch
A step by step guide

This fundraising guide will help you to use these tools effectively. for more personalized guidance.

Step by step pitch guide
The team

As the makers of the Glassdollar match platform, we have helped more than 40 startups raise money in Germany and the Netherlands.

Glassdollar's team
Invest in yourself
Don’t settle for mediocre investors or terms.

Fundraising kit

Direct access to a list of 400+ angels in DACH with criteria & details
Access to founder community
Pitchdeck, convertible note and other contract/document templates.
Perks: 10k possible AWS credits, Fasttrack application @Factory


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