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The problem: Fundraising always takes longer than expected

Lets face it. You do this the 1st or 2nd time. Guides designed for the Valley don’t work in Europe and often you'll get conflicting advice from your peers. As a result we have seen too many founders waste months talking to the wrong investors, eventually turning towards "spray & pray".

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Example activities we can give you feedback on:
Creating the best shortlist

It’s not trivial to understand if you are ready for VCs, when even the best startups receive a lot of No's.

Maybe you are talking to number driven and not to conviction driven VCs.
Maybe you should focus on angel-investors instead.

Following our orientation-call we will help you set up your funding round for success.

Best shortlist ever
Perfecting your pitch

We see 100+ pitches every month, we know what sticks and what doesn’t. Using a good template (such as ours) is one thing, but really understanding how investors think is another.

We make sure you focus on the important elements of your story and spare the technical details for the nerds.

We make your pitch awesome
Finding a smart angel to lead your round

Most seed rounds require a reputable angel leading the round, even if you want to target VCs. Unfortunately, most angel lists out there are useless. Unless you already have a personal top-notch angel-network, your best chance is to waste your time on events and hope for a lucky break.

We happen to have this top-notch angel network and given you are ready, we can introduce you to relevant Angels.

Glassdollar's angel network
The team

As the makers of the Glassdollar match platform, we have helped more than 40 startups raise money in Germany and the Netherlands.

To have a better understanding of our fundraising approach, have a look at our fundraising guide.

Glassdollar's team
Packages to master your funding round

Sneak Peak

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One iteration

We help you to improve your current setup

Written analysis on your pitchdeck across 18 data points
List of the 50 most relevant investors for your startup
1 hour Q&A with Fabian


Two iterations

Everything from the previous package, but 2 times: 1x now, 1x after you tested the improvements on the market

Our team revises you a second time
You save 100€ compared to buying individually


Additional calls can be purchased at 100€/hour*. Write us for more infos.

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