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Co-create the data engine powering the Google for startups.
Built by founders for founders.
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Our Mission

GlassDollar is built by founders for founders.

We believe you should spend your time changing the world, not chasing after money. We exist to make that possible.
We started with an investor search tool and are now enabling founders to work with corporates more effectively.

In everything we do, we strive to enable humans to create what they love.

Co-creating @ GlassDollar

✨ Impact and value-driven environment

📈 Own a piece of GlassDollar

🆓 Remote and self-directed work

🏝 ️Elastic working hours
📚 Constant learning

🌎 Meta-level understanding of the world

📡 Know the next Elon Musk early

📺 Tech equipment of your choice
We are walking unwalked paths constantly. You will be experimenting with lots of new tech.

We strive for an environment of no ego, where the best ideas or solutions win, no matter where they come from. 

Lean - agile, hypothesis driven validation 

Ruthless prioritization

Data @ GlassDollar

Our objective is to build a robust and scalable system that turns questions like "What are the best projects working on micro-plastic filtration" into actionable insights.
We believe producing clean data is the foundation to achieve this robust infrastructure: Data Engineering precedes Data Science.

We also prefer simple over complex.
We started simply in Jupyter Notebooks and Pandas.
Now we are scaling the validated elements and (co-)evaluating different systems (i.e. moving to Spark).

Open positions

Join our mission:
Enable humans to create what they love.

The team

🇫🇷Clement, Corporate startup scouting
Loves 🍅
🇳🇱Jan, Founder/CTO
Loves 🧗
Linkedin, Github
🤖Frank, Data engine
Loves 📊

🇮🇹Luca, Startup Analysis
Loves 🍽

🇩🇪Fabian, Founder/CEO
Loves ⛰
🇺🇸Taylor, Startup analysis
Loves ☀️
🇷🇸Damir, Design
Loves 🎶
Linkedin, Dribble
🇪🇬Mostafa, Product Engineering
Loves 🥃
Linkedin, Github
🇫🇷Diane, Product
Loves 🌈
🇩🇪Tobias, Operations
Loves 🏐
🇰🇪Joseph, Data-Engineering
Loves 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Linkedin, Github