Humans + Passion = Amazing Creations

We believe that every human has an innate need to create and the right to pursue their passion.

For founders For corporates

Our mission

Enable people to create things they love.

Our starting point

We believe reducing the time it takes to start a pilot with a corporate is a good place to start this quest.

Measure of success

We measure our success, with GlassDollar and in general, in the number of people we enabled to build something they care about.

Fabian Dudek

When I create, I am in flow.
Enabeling people to experience this flow everyday is my mission.

Jan Hoekman

I believe the paradigm shift for great companies to be found rather than to go out looking is the next step. Creating this reality keeps me going.

Osama Asfour

I scout brilliant ideas of passionate founders and help them reach their potential.

Phuong Anh Nguyen